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Will Climate Break Through in Big Media’s Elections Coverage?

Whether the US departure from the accord is sustained (in the event that Republican president Donald Trump is reelected) or reversed (if Democratic nominee Joe Biden wins) is one of many critical issues making the 2020 US election, as much as anything, a climate-change election. With fewer than 100 days remaining before Election Day, journalists at some of America’s leading news organizations are working with their own newsrooms and others to make sure voters and the public at large understand what’s at stake.


The politicians in FirstEnergy’s pocket

Want to prevent the climate crisis from spiraling out of control? You might want to start paying more attention to FirstEnergy. FirstEnergy is one of the largest investor-owned electric utilities in the country. With more than $43 billion in assets, it’s also one of America’s largest corporations, ranking 294 on the Fortune 500. But FirstEnergy is also the ninth-largest greenhouse gas polluter in America—which means it contributes more to the ongoing climate crisis than ExxonMobil.

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