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House passes massive infrastructure package

The House yesterday passed a massive $1.5 trillion infrastructure bill that would help the nation rebuild its crumbling roads and bridges, combat climate change, and promote clean energy and clean drinking water. But the measure has virtually no chance of becoming law in its current form, with Republicans bashing its resemblance to the Green New Deal and President Trump promising to veto it. Lawmakers voted nearly along party lines — 233-188 — to approve the "Moving Forward Act," H.R. 2.

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As New Coronavirus Cases Hit Another Record in the U.S., Some States Delay Reopenings

The United States on Thursday reported more than 41,000 new coronavirus cases, a record total for the second straight day, as a nationwide sense of urgency grew and caseloads soared in Southern and Western states that were far removed from the worst early outbreaks. In an apparent sign of that urgency, the White House said that its coronavirus task force planned to reconvene on Friday for its first briefing in nearly two months.

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