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Our Goal

The 2020 presidential election is the defining moment for how our nation addresses the climate crisis—our leaders must be emboldened to take immediate action on climate change and to build a just and equitable economy.

Climate Power 2020 is putting the Trump administration on defense every single day for ignoring experts, refusing to believe in science, surrendering our government to big oil executives, and gutting public health protections, all at the expense of future generations. The time to act is now.

Climate Power 2020 is here to change the politics of climate and embolden our leaders to act.

Why Now

It’s time for a reality check.

We are living with the reality of what happens when our leaders ignore experts, deny science, and fail to keep our families safe. COVID-19 is a devastating example. Climate change is too. If our elected leaders continue to ignore experts and science, this crisis will quickly morph into the next.

The world’s leading scientists, public health experts, and military leaders agree that climate change is an extreme threat—and immediate action is needed to avoid its fatal impacts. But at every turn, President Trump denies reality and ignores the facts – and communities of color and low-income communities are suffering the worst impacts of Trump’s war against environmental and public health protections.

Trump’s failure to save our friends and families’ lives from COVID-19 is proof of his inability to protect our nation from other urgent threats—like climate change. 

The science is clear. The warnings are stark. We can no longer look the other way or give our leaders a pass.

It’s absolutely critical that the next president and Congress emerge from this year’s elections emboldened to take immediate action on climate change and to build a just and equitable economy.

It’s time to stop ignoring experts.

Months ago, our country’s best health experts sent President Trump an urgent memo: “This pandemic, left unchecked, could kill 1.2 million Americans.” These experts warned the virus would “leave Americans defenseless.” Those dire warnings about COVID-19 are now our reality.

When the CDC first alerted President Trump about the massive risk of this virus, he ignored them for eight weeks. He ignores each and every warning. Refuses to take action. And is making this health crisis worse.

Trump’s refusal to heed expert warnings is what allowed COVID-19 to fatally disrupt our country – and his complete denial of the climate crisis will allow climate change to do the same thing. If we don’t change course, we will hit a point of no return. Our chance to take climate action is right now.

It’s time to act.

We’re changing the conversation on climate, getting the facts out, and mobilizing Americans who will hold Donald Trump accountable for his failure to prepare and protect us—and future generations—from climate change. 

Climate change touches every aspect of our lives—from the air our kids breathe, to the quality of the water we drink, to the damage done to our homes by extreme weather.

We’re elevating the reality of climate change by sharing stories from across our country—stories of Americans who are fighting for our climate because clean air and safe communities are the path to a more just, equitable future

We’re mobilizing communities against the threats of climate change to create a more just, prosperous, sustainable economy for everyone.

We are a political operation using the same tools and strategies of a campaign to push candidates to campaign aggressively on climate change and a just and equitable economy. That’s how we are elevating climate in national and state conversations and building the momentum necessary for bold action in 2021.

Why Us

Climate Power 2020 is an independently run project created by the Center for American Progress Action Fund, the League of Conservation Voters, and the Sierra Club. 

We are a team of political strategists determined to change the politics of climate in 2020 in order to build the momentum necessary for bold action in 2021.

We’re researchers, creatives, organizers, social media experts, activists, and communications professionals who’ve cut our teeth by taking on tough fights. We’re veterans of presidential campaigns and leading political organizations. Now we’re fighting to make climate a leading issue in this election.

With President Trump refusing to believe in experts and scientists—and with his campaign and fossil fuel allies spreading misinformation about climate action—we need your help to change the politics of climate in 2020.

Maybe you’ve talked to your neighbors about climate change. Maybe you’ve gone on strike and protested to wake up our leaders. Or you’re just fed up with a president who won’t protect us from our most urgent crisis.

Whatever your reason, we need you. We’re in this together. Join the fight for change in 2020:

Meet our Advisory Board Members

National Advisory Board

Stacey Abrams

Founder of Fair Fight and the Southern Economic Advancement Project

Amanda Aguirre

Former Director of Public Engagement at the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

Mustafa Ali

VP of Environmental Justice, Climate, and Community Revitalization, National Wildlife Federation

Carol Browner

Chair, Board of Directors, League of Conservation Voters

Michelle Deatrick

Founder and Chair of the DNC Environmental and Climate Crisis Council, Poet, Former County Commissioner

Abdul El-Sayed

Physician, Epidemiologist, Progressive Activist. Chair of Southpaw Michigan

Mike Fishman

Climate Jobs National Resource Center, and former Secretary Treasurer, SEIU

Rhiana Gunn-Wright

Co-Author of the Green New Deal

Dr. John Holdren

Former Director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP)

Jim Hunter

Former Director, Utility Department IBEW, and former President, Unions for Jobs & Environmental Progress (UJEP)

Kaniela Ing

Climate Justice Campaign Director for People's Action, formerly a Hawaii State Legislator

Dr. Ayana Elizabeth Johnson

Founder/CEO, Ocean Collectiv

Secretary John Kerry

Former Secretary of State

Bill Lipton

Working Families Party

Thomas López

Climate Strike Partnerships Coordinator at the Future Coalition, co-founder of the International Indigenous Youth Council

Greisa Martínez

Deputy Executive Director, United We Dream

Gina McCarthy

President and CEO of the NRDC Action Fund and former EPA Administrator

Representative Harold Mitchell Jr. (SC)

South Carolina State House, founder of ReGenesis Project

Secretary Ernest Moniz

Former United States Secretary of Energy

Tamara Toles O'Laughlin

Advocate for People and Planet and North America Director at 350.org

Bill Peduto

Mayor of Pittsburgh

John Podesta

Advisor to Presidents Clinton and Obama

Former UN Ambassador Samantha Power

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations and Professor of Practice at Harvard Law School and Harvard Kennedy School

Varshini Prakash

Executive Director and Co-Founder, Sunrise

Jamal Raad

Co-founder and Campaign Director for Evergreen Action

Senator Harry Reid

United States Senator from Nevada

Tom Steyer

Former Investor, Philanthropist, and Founder of NextGen America

Nick Tilsen

President and CEO, NDN Collective

María Urbina

Chief of Staff, National Political Director, Indivisible

Say Yang

Program Coordinator for Center for Earth, Energy and Democracy

Creative Council Advisory Board

Ashley Renne

Environmental Activist & Sustainability Expert

Connie Britton

Actress, Producer, and Activist

Debra Messing

Actress & Activist

Jerome Foster II

Virtual Reality Developer and Executive Director of OneMillionOfUs

Kevin J. Patel

Founder and Executive Director of OneUpAction

Leah Thomas

Intersectional Environmental Activist, Eco-Communicator, and founder of the Intersectional Environmentalist Platform

Mj Rodriguez

Actress, Singer, and Activist

Piper Perabo

Actress and Activist

Rosanna Arquette

Actress, Producer, and Activist

Ryann Richardson

Activist, Entrepreneur, and Miss Black America

Stephanie Shepherd

Entrepreneur, Advocate, Co-founder of Future Earth

Vic Barrett

Climate Justice Activist

Zooey Deschanel

Actress, Singer, Songwriter, and Activist

State Co-Chair Advisory Board

César Chávez, Arizona

State Representative

Kirsten Engel, Arizona

State Representative

Alejandra Gómez, Arizona

Co-Executive Director of LUCHA Arizona

Rebecca Ríos, Arizona

State Senator

Eduardo Sainz, Arizona

Arizona State Director of Mi Familia Vota

Howard Chou, Colorado

Vice-Chair of the Colorado Democratic Party

Nicole Johnston, Colorado

Mayor Pro-tem and Aurora City Councilwoman

Dr. Kristopher Larsen, Colorado

Mayor of Nederland

Ean Thomas Tafoya, Colorado

Co-chair of the Colorado Latino Forum

Dr. Frances Colón, Florida

Former Deputy Science and Technology Advisor to the Secretary of State at the U.S. State Department

Valencia Gunder, Florida

Founder of The Smile Trust and New Florida Majority Campaign Director

José Javier Rodríguez, Florida

State Senator

Dr. Philip K. Stoddard, Florida

Former Mayor of South Miami

Jonathan Webber, Florida

Deputy Director, Florida Conservation Voters

Natasha Dyer, Georgia

Sustainable Smyrna board member

Dr. Na'Taki Jelks, Georgia

Assistant Professor of Environmental & Health Sciences at Spelman College

Dr. Mildred McClain, Georgia

Co-Founder and Executive Director of the Harambee House/Citizens For Environmental Justice

Brionté McCorkle, Georgia

Executive Director at Georgia Conservation Voters

Valerie Rawls, Georgia

Director of Black Green Agenda with the New Georgia Project

Tyler Olson, Iowa

City Councilmember and clean energy business owner

LaTricea Adams, Michigan

Founder CEO & President - Black Millennials 4 Flint

Lauren Bealore, Michigan

Political Director, America Votes, Michigan

Nicholas Jansen, Michigan

Regional Organizing Director at the Sunrise Movement

Mallory McMorrow, Michigan

State Senator

Melissa Hortman, Minnesota

Minnesota State House Speaker

Justin Jones, Nevada

Clark County Commissioner

William J. Barber III, North Carolina

Strategic Partnerships Manager-Climate Justice Initiative, The Climate Reality Project; Founder and President, The Rural Beacon Initiative, LLC

Jay Chaudhuri, North Carolina

State Senator

DeAndrea Salvador, North Carolina

Founder and Executive Director of RETI -Renewable Energy Transition Initiative

Erica Smith, North Carolina

State Senator

Susannah Tuttle, North Carolina

Director of North Carolina Interfaith Power & Light

Sara Innamorato, Pennsylvania

State Representative

Malcolm Kenyatta, Pennsylvania

State Representative

Janet Bewley, Wisconsin

State Senate Minority Leader

David Cieslewicz, Wisconsin

Former Mayor of Madison

Darrol Gibson, Wisconsin

Managing Director of LIT Milwaukee

Sarah Godlewski, Wisconsin

State Treasurer

Chris Larson, Wisconsin

State Senator

Cory Mason, Wisconsin

Mayor of Racine

Jeff Smith, Wisconsin

State Senator

We believe in science.

If you do too, join the fight to power change in 2020.

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