This year is a defining moment for climate action. It’s up to us.

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2020 is the defining moment for how our nation addresses the climate crisis. Our leaders must be emboldened to take immediate action on climate change. We’re pushing candidates up and down the ballot to campaign aggressively on climate action and a just and equitable economy— and put the Trump administration on defense for ignoring experts, refusing to believe in science, surrendering our government to big oil executives, and gutting public health protections. Demand action — join us.

It's time for a reality check.

We're changing the politics of climate by putting the Trump administration on defense, pushing candidates to speak out, and empowering you to demand action.

Join the fight



76% of swing voters agree that Trump ignores the advice of trusted figures like scientists, military leaders and public health experts.


Trump and his team have rolled back 98 environmental and public health protections since taking office.

$50 million

Oil, gas, and coal companies already have received at least $50 million in taxpayer money during the coronavirus pandemic.

The Trump administration refuses to believe science and we are seeing the effects of their denial of climate change. We are living through it. People are dying because of it. This is why it's so important to speak up. Alexa A., Nevada
Donald Trump is the most anti-science and anti-environment president we've ever had. Douglas Brinkley, Presidential Historian, April 28, 2020
Trump's deliberate denial of climate change is putting all of us at risk. He's ignoring the experts and denying reality. We must work together and take climate action to protect our future. Delaney R., Florida

Facebook Must Act Now

We’re calling on Facebook’s Oversight Board to immediately stop the spread of dangerous climate misinformation on their platform. Climate change is fact, not “opinion.” If you agree, add your name:

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